Fear Factor

“Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can only be explored by those willing to take risks” Mark Rathko wisely said.
If you are willing to take risks, you’ll discover potential in your abilities you never thought possible.

This course will be like jumping out of an airplane. Terrifying at first but exhilarating once you get the hang of it. We’ll stimulate you, confront you and push you kicking and screaming into a much better place. And that place is where you are happy to lose control.
This course is not for the faint hearted.

Date: Thursday 31May 2018
Time: 6h30-9.30pm
R250 per session including all materials

Date: Saturday 30June 2018
Time: 2-5pm
R300 per session including all materials

Booking essential

Private session for 1-2 Students  R600

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Figure drawing

Every Monday night from 6:30pm to 9:30pm there will be a model at Bright and 20 easels.

There will be a Bright lecturer but no instruction. So just come and spend 3 hours with that muscle, flesh, power and vulnerability.

You can book for one session only or come every week. R150 per session

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“I know nothing” Beginners Painting course – 4 weeks

You may not think you can paint or draw.
You may not know how to mix colours.
You may not know where to start.
You don’t have to know.
What you need to do is relax and let go.

We’ll take you on a journey of self discovery while you have fun learning all the techniques and styles.
You’ll be given Step-by-step instructions and projects specifically designed to get you to see that, in fact, you can paint.
Before you know it the course will be over and soon you might be showing your painting at our gallery.

R250 per session
or R900 per course ( 4 sessions)
Materials included
Bring your own brushes or buy our beginner brushset  – R140 for 8 pieces

Course starts every first Wednesday  of the month.
Classes take place on Wednesday  evenings 6:30 – 9:30pm.     

Next course: 6/13/20/27 June 2018



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Drawing for Beginners

Join Illustratior and Fine Artist Robin McBride for his first Drawing Workshop at Bright.

“Drawing Introduction”
R250 all materials included

A basic and relaxed introduction to Drawing for Beginners.
Learn the basic techniques of Drawing – Line, Form, Shading and Perspective – which are the foundation for various art forms such as Illustration and Painting.
Materials included.

Recommended ( and discounted to R200) if you sign up for the Illustration Workshop on 26th May.
Date: Thursday 24May
Time: 6h30 – 9h30pm
Price: 250


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Illustration 101

This workshop is a basic introduction to illustration by Illustrator Rob McBride.

We will briefly cover some theory and background such as publishing etc, but mostly you will have a chance to try your hand at a few different styles and techniques.

Thereafter, there will be follow on classes exploring more indepth styles and skill development in various art mediums, from cartooning to children’s book illustration, from advertising to storyboarding and concept art, etc., with guidance from Rob who has 2 decades experience as a professional illustrator and artist.

No experience necessary, however there is a pre-introductory drawing workshop at a special price of R200 on Thursday 24 May at 6.30pm, which would be helpful, but not essential.

Date: Saturday 26May
Time: 10-1pm
Price: R350
All materials included.


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“I know something” Painting Course

You’ve painted before. Maybe at school. Maybe you spend your Sunday’s with a still life in front of you. But you want more.
You want to get to another level. A level that allows you to paint more, see more and feel more.

In this course, we’ll give you tasks and projects and step-by-step instructions that will push you to discover your painting potential.
Remember Vincent Van Gogh couldn’t draw when he started. He just never gave up.

R250 per session – you can come as often as you like, every session is different.
R900 for 4 sessions pre-paid

Every Wednesday night from 16May2018
Time: 6h30-9h30pm


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Mosaic Workshop

MOSAIC Workshop

All welcome , Beginners and Advanced

Price: R450
All Materials included


Saturday 2 June  10-1pm,
Saturday 23 June  10-1pm,
Saturday 7 July  2-5pm,
Saturday 21July 10-1pm
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June Figure Painting Workshop  – 4 sessions by Anthony de Klerk.

Painting the Human Figure

We will be focussing on finding an own individual style, whilst still paying attention to composition, drawing and proportions.
We will be working in oil on canvas from a live model and the workshop will run over 4 sessions on Thursday  nights 6: 30pm to 9.30pm.
START : June 2018
Dates : 7/14/21/28 June 2018

Booking essential


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