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Ross went to the JHB high school for art, ballet and music. His artistic skills landed him a job as a junior Art Director in advertising way back in 1980. During the next 33 years, he spent either creating himself or helping others create advertising that had an impact on consumers. In 1994, he co-founded The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town. The real skill that Ross picked up in advertising is the ability to understand people and how to motivate them. This manifested in Ross teaching, be it his staff or students. While other men spent their spare time on the golf course or on a mountain bike, Ross spent time in his studio painting. By creating Bright, this allowed Ross to bring his three skills together: He can paint + he can teach + he understands human behaviour.

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After several years in advertising as a senior Art Director and Head of Art at FCB Cape Town and studying life painting at The Ryno Swart Art Gallery, Anthony finally broke away in 2014 to pursue his passion for painting from life on a fulltime basis.

In his art Anthony celebrates the beauty and intrigue of the female form. He prefers to paint in oils on canvas, but has also developed an interesting “Pop Art” style where he uses mixed media. All his studies are inspired by live sittings where he engages with his subjects and manages to capture their beauty as well as their feelings in an impressionistic dance of light, shadow and colour.

His works are selling steadily following a number of successful shows in and around South Africa as well as the Saatchi Gallery.

Anthony lives and works in Cape Town South Africa where he is a resident artist and teacher at Bright studio in Salt River Cape Town. Anthony is now represented in New York by La Place Art Gallery.

Juliet graduated from Wits School of Art in 2006, majoring in Printmaking and English Literature. In 2007 she settled in Aomori Prefecture in Japan for two years, where she taught English as a second language. she took the time to learn about Japanese calligraphy and Sumi-e (ink painting). When she returned to Johannesburg she worked in local galleries, running exhibitions, documenting and assisting artists. Around this time, she also took to spray paint and started painting under the pseudonym of Fin.

From 2012 to 2014, she opened her own project space, Two By Two Art Studio, working alongside Two By Two Art Supplies owner, based in Newtown, Johannesburg. They hosted monthly graffiti and street art exhibitions, ran workshops and took on mostly large-scale mural commissions.

Now based in Cape Town, Juliet finds herself working more with illustrations and stencil work. She continues to paint walls, collaborate in community festivals, organise exhibitions and provide creative workshops for individuals and groups. She loves experimenting with mixed media artworks and find animals to be her favourite subject matter.

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Situated across the road from The Old Biscuit Mill in Salt River, Bright Creative Space started its life as a neglected warehouse. Ross and his team have lovingly renovated the space into a place where creativity can flourish. There is canvas waiting for you.